About Me

Writerly Influences and Imbibements

Every writer I encounter seems to have some indelible effect on my writing, but among my favorites are Yiyun Li, Ha Jin, Colson Whitehead, Margaret Atwood, Jhumpa Lahiri, Karen Russell and Cathy Park Hong. Recently, I have been reading Ocean Vuong.

Much of my writing is also influenced by my travels, which includes historical cities like Barcelona, Edinburgh, London, Paris, and Casablanca, and also remote and breathtakingly beautiful areas in Andalusia, Chile, Argentina, and Central America. 

My ultimate goal as a writer is to bring attention to those who have been othered, whether by diaspora or by institutions, with a particular focus on Asian American literature and voices. 

When I'm not pursuing such lofty goals, I'm most likely looking for the closest thing to a boulangerie in the Cambridge area. 

Fun Fact: I own a silver pothos.